Who we are

PWX Solutions is one of the country’s premier direct response and continuity marketers. We are a full service Direct Response and Publishing Services organization – with decades of experience creating direct response programs, both on and offline, and producing magazines for some of the world’s most well known brands.

PubWorX was founded in 2016 as a partnership between Hearst and Condé Nast to offer scale and innovation to the magazine industry. In 2017 ProCirc, the largest and most innovative consumer marketing outsourcing company in the country, was acquired by PubWorX. With 150+ experts from across the publishing industry, PubWorX offers custom solutions to satisfy the consumer marketing, circulation management, production and paper procurement needs of any publisher – large or small.

In 2020 PubWorx launched PWX Solutions with the goal of expanding its expertise, technologies, services and scale to the Nonprofit space.

Our direct-to-consumer expertise encompasses acquisition and retention across all online and offline channels from direct mail to email to paid social media. PWX provides marketing solutions that leverage best practices on creative, offers, and audience targeting  – all while managing aggressive cost controls ensuring maximum ROI on promotional budgets.

Our publishing production expertise encompasses – turnkey services from finance/procurement/contract/ through print and digital operations management and distribution.

Mission Statement

PWX Solutions is the industry leader helping Magazine Publishers, Non-Profits, and Continuity Marketers exceed their goals by combining custom solutions with scale and efficiency. We employ “best in class” talent and resources to drive transformational change, reach desired audiences and grow businesses and fundraising. We develop multichannel marketing to efficiently turn prospects into long-term customers and donors. Hand-in-hand with our marketing capabilities, we optimize operations and provide quality sustainable print and digital production services.

Vision Statement

PWX Solutions is well positioned as a long-term strategic partner – helping to drive efforts that inspire, grow membership and recurring revenue.

We Believe In Having the Right Conversation

Whether you’re looking to take your first steps with PubWorX or simply to learn more about our offerings, we
are here to connect. Please contact us.

    Strategic Planning

    Any new client relationship begins with a comprehensive review of your current business, pinpointing immediate needs, challenges, and goals. We study your recent successes and obstacles, identify methods to best meet your objectives, and then rigorously test those assumptions. Once clear goals have been outlined, we create a customized plan and regularly review progress to ensure we remain on target.

    Strategic planning may include the following:

    • SWOT Analysis
    • Annual Review of Goals and Objectives
    • Predictive Modeling
    • Budgets and Financial Planning
    • Test Planning and Evaluation
    • Research and Competitive Analysis

    Acquisition and Retention

    At PWX Solutions, we understand the multi-faceted approach needed for an effective and comprehensive marketing strategy. For maximum success and revenue growth, we focus on both new business acquisition and retention marketing to help our clients reach profitability and longevity.

    Driving New Business

    New business acquisition is key for growing and maintaining your business. From the top of the acquisition funnel, we assist clients with identifying their target audiences, communicating effectively to prospects, and converting those prospects into paid customers or donors. Investing in a robust new business strategy will ultimately pay off over time, leading to increased ROI and profitability.

    Maximizing Customer Retention

    While new business feeds the funnel, a solid retention strategy is essential for revenue growth. Strong retention rates indicate satisfied customers, which is always our goal! Nurturing and engaging with existing customers is vital – replacing a customer is much more costly than keeping an existing one – and thus contributes to long-term profitability. Our marketers are experts at managing subscription and membership businesses, optimizing retention rates and maximizing overall net revenue.

    Multi-Channel Marketing

    A comprehensive marketing plan includes outreach across numerous channels to achieve the greatest possible results. We understand every client’s needs differ and provide customized offerings. PWX Solutions draws from expertise across digital and brick-and-mortar channels to recommend tactics to help clients exceed their goals. A staff of 150+ experts are organized by function and collaborate to deliver results. Our long-standing relationships with top vendors enable us to negotiate favorable pricing and bring best-in-class services, systems and processes to our clients.

    Digital Marketing Solutions:

    • Website Optimization
    • Email Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Audience Development
    • Email Acquisition
    • Search Engine Marketing & Display
    • Paywalls / Content Monetization
    • eCommerce
    • Digital Partner Collaboration (Amazon, Apple, etc)

    Offline Marketing Channels:

    • Direct Mail
    • Retail Sales / Distribution
    • 3rd Party Partnerships
    • TV and Video Advertising
    • Telemarketing

    Marketing Operations:

    • Payment and Billing Optimization
    • Automatic Renewal
    • Vendor Relationships & Management
    • Service Selection and RFPs
    • Customer Service

    Insights and Analytics

    At PWX Solutions, we believe in collecting comprehensive data to inform our marketing campaigns, which contributes to their effectiveness. We provide clients with a suite of reports that helps them to track performance. Reports are customized to meet a client’s needs and objectives, and can be viewed, downloaded or emailed via our private client website.

    We regularly review promotion reports – as well as daily/weekly campaign and source performance – for ways to optimize response. With an eye on the competition and industry trends, we execute regular testing to maximize P&L potential. We continually evaluate the long-term profitability of each source to ensure every marketing tactic we employ is making a valuable contribution toward a client’s objectives and bottom line.

    Insights and Analytics may include the following:

    • Comprehensive Reporting/Analytics
    • Sophisticated Financial Modeling
    • Competitive Research
    • Price Optimization
    • Lifetime Value Analysis
    • P&L Management